A new year, a new blog and a not so new me!

So we’re here in 2017, as you can tell by the date of this posting, the time of writing this post is 02 January 2017. I love this time of year, it’s an awesome time to not only spend time with the family, it also provides time just to chill out and reflect on the previous year and to most importantly focus your mind on what you would like to accomplish in the new year.

The career minded might take time to think about how they can get a promotion or salary increase or any other materialistic gain from employment. Personally for me it is more about how can I improve on the 3 most important things in my life.

Setting the right values

I believe one should look at life in exactly that order. I think in our so called busy, 24/7 connected lifestyles we have rapidly disconnected ourselves from the true value of life. We all seem to be chasing the dream and the alure of material wealth when in reality we are already wealthy beyond measure.

In fact, today, as I write this post I just experienced something that just absolutely celebrates how really fantastic life can be and it never cost a penny.

It was a lovely crisp clear winters day, so I decided to go for a cycle. Only 25 Km, through the lovely countryside here in Wiltshire. On my return home, my eldest daughter (9) asked if she too could come with me for a cycle. There was no better time than the present, so I said lets go. We just did a little jaunt through the fields and alley ways of the town. Happily chatting and I was teaching my daughter the finer points of cycling on the road.

Once we arrived home, she said “Thanks Dad, that was truly awesome I’d love to do it again! It was great just to spend time with you doing something you love doing!”

That moment, right there is already the greatest moment of my 2017! The 20-30 minutes I spent cycling with my daughter! It was beautiful, fun and it made me really happy. It’s also created a lasting memory with my daughter, who still to this day, goes on about the afternoon we spent together cycling the canal path 3 years ago!

These are the moments we should value and cherish. These are the things we should try make happen each and everyday. All it takes 10-15 minutes of your day. Time to dedicate to your children and loved ones.

I initially started this year like I do every other, and that is to resolve to not make any new years resolutions. However, after the epiphany of today, I think I owe it to myself and my family to simply stick to the 3 I highlighted earlier.


Gary Woodfine

Founder and CEO of Three Nine Consulting, a father of 3 and a geek. Highly experienced in establishing and running profitable small businesses. Strong abilities in creating businesses with minimal funds in industries as diverse as construction to software development. Experienced in learning, adapting and prospering with any business.