Making a fresh start

Making a fresh start

Over the years I have used this blog to publish a whole mixture of content, mostly anything that came into my head at the time, which included  software development and other technology related articles but very little fitness related. I have now decided to completely revamp this blog and revert back to its original intention.

I originally started this blog back in March 2013 and it’s original intention behind it was to be a platform to log and share information about my various passions – The title and the Url of the blog summed it all up – Personal Fitness,  Technology and Fatherhood.  I started off writing a few articles about my workout philosophy but then got completely side tracked and my focus became purely software development and technology partly due to a number of projects I was working on at the time, which caused me to dive deeper into software development and learn a whole raft of new software frameworks and methodologies etc. I was learning so much I needed a mechanism to remind myself what I had learned and after all the best way to learn something yourself is to teach it to somebody else!

In 2014, started my a new blog  a.k.a Geek.I.Am with the primary focus of enabling me to publish information technology related articles and tutorials.  I  have also now since migrated all the articles from this blog .  After  two years of running Geek.I.Am i and  channeling  my focus on techy pursuits, I still wanted to be able to further explore my other passions further and I needed another platform to channel my  passion for Self Improvement, Personal Fitness and spiritual enrichment.  I will now use FitGeekDad solely for this purpose.

I am by no means an expert in these fields, but I do strive for continuous learning and improvement.  I plan to use this blog as a platform to document and share my knowledge gained with the intention to help others engaged on similar journeys.

Over the years I have read and studied 1000’s of books, blogs, magazines, articles and university papers on these subjects.  I associate with some mega fitness oriented people and have learned a lot from them.

I have also for the past 8 months been on a path to improve my life in more ways the material value, I have been seeking to create a life of substance and value. Some may say this may be my mid-life crisis but in reality these are values and passions I have suppressed for years in pursuit of meaningless material wealth.

During 2015, I lost my father to cancer. This experience had a very profound effect on me and caused me to completely re-evaluate my life and  purpose.   My dad was a very influential person in my life and probably both mine and my brother’s biggest fan. He was always very supportive, fiercely loyal and in a lot of ways an excellent role model.  It was only after his passing I realised exactly how much of an influence he had on my life and how much I owe him.  I came to realisation that fatherhood is not a job to take granted and that it must be the most rewarding job on the planet but rewards will never be for you to enjoy, it certainly is a job that you only pay forward.

I hope one day, to leave the same impression my dad left on me on my kids.  It certainly is a mammoth task but it’s one I am now tackling with renewed vigour!








Gary Woodfine

Founder and CEO of Three Nine Consulting, a father of 3 and a geek. Highly experienced in establishing and running profitable small businesses. Strong abilities in creating businesses with minimal funds in industries as diverse as construction to software development. Experienced in learning, adapting and prospering with any business.